Our Ministry: There is a Place for You!

God has created each of us with a purpose in mind. In fact, we are “wired” to care about things more than others. We have been designed with a personal style of relating to others and the world around us. Here at World Harvest Christian Centre London, we desire for you to join in serving where you love to be. So, whatever your passion whatever you love there is a ministry geared for you.


World Missions

One thing is clear – the key to world harvest and revival is prayer. Many prophecies have been spoken about Britain experiencing revival that will affect Europe and bring about an unprecedented harvest that will usher in the second coming of Jesus. Like many in the body of Christ, we see it as our responsibility pray this into existence.


House of Hope for Ministers and Front-liners

We intend to provide a haven for God’s servants and front-liners who need to be ministered to, spiritually and physically. Today, many of God’s precious servants are bleeding, some dying and many leaving the ministry due to lack of support and encouragement.

Worship is so much more than singing a few songs. At World Harvest Christian Centre, each worship experience is designed to draw you to a deeper level of surrender. Christ gave His life for us, so why should we do anything less than offer ours back to Him?

The purpose of World Harvest’s worship ministry is to create positive, unforgettable worship experiences where people can connect with God. Our music is a contemporary mix of the best worship music available as well as fresh, modern arrangements of favorite hymns.

Since we live in a media rich culture where people learn and get their information from TV, movies and the internet, our worship services often include the use of multimedia, visuals and other dramatic elements to present God’s unchanging truth. If you are looking for a place to serve, consider the following areas: Music & Creative Arts Team, Host Team or Production Team.

The Christian Heritage and Reformation Trust (CHRT) was established in 2003 by Reverend Akinwale Babatunde as a seed of love sown into Great Britain . After his book “Great Britain has fallen …” was written, Rev. Wale decided rather than take the proceeds from the sale of his book, he would demonstrate his love for the nation by using the funds to further the cause of revival and reformation in the land.

As Pastor of a local assembly, he was involved in soul-winning and church planting but God laid a burden for Britain on him. God birthed a jealousy in his heart for the loss of the rich Christian heritage the nation had. He felt that the revivals and great moves of God that Britain experienced in the past should not go to waste. He was also greatly inspired by the Moravians who according to church history had the longest prayer network – hundred years, twenty four hours of unbroken prayer. He is convinced that prayer is vital if Britain is to experience revival.

Motivated by these factors, The Christian Heritage and Reformation Trust was born. Its aim is to awaken the Church to her responsibility as agents of God’s kingdom, modelling Christ in all segments of the society. This will consequently bring about reformation in the society.

Today, the Trust continues to act as a catalyst to motivate the Church to effect change in the society through the Media, Book Publications and Prayer Conferences.

Service Times  

“He saw no one was helping you and wondered that no one intervened. Therefore he himself stepped in to save you through his mighty power and justice.”
Isaiah 59:16

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